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Apparently it is.

Kendall got really into the soundtracks of Heroes things that people will put together. So she was trying to make one. She keep looking for a song about angles that would fit Sylar and I laughed saying I had a song that sings about angles but won't fit Heroes.

Well .. we looked up the lyrics .. and it does. And so did Deceiver of Fools. Awesome.

Heroes tonight. Lawls. Also hair dyeing.

So this sucks

Tonight I just realised that I won't get to watch heroes .. I have school monday nights.

Oh well. I'll just download it later.

But I'm going to be on a fucking delay. The stupid ass place hasn't fixed my computer yet.

dooooooooo it

Oh me oh my

I was watching Apocalyptica music videos.

They play the cellos and head bang.


Deja vu is a Dangerous Drug

Often times while driving, expecially at night, I alow my mind to wander into empty places.
Only when cleaning or driving can I reach this empty yet peacefull place.
And naturally these are two tasks that you want your mind to be present to the currant world during.

Driving home from Zatch's house last night I started to wander into the blisfull white space.
Naturally when I came out of it I was lost and had almost hit a cat. It was a strange looking cat,
about half the size of Rosie. But not in fur. It also was a grey cat with dark strips. Like Ziggy's
but only black where his where just a dark grey. The cat darted out twice infront of me.
I then had to sit in the back roads of Hickory Ridge and Commerce before realiseing I just had to go
forward alittle and see that I was in the same place as normal.

When the cat had done that I got such a strong force of deja vu that I left the calm space
to try to figure out what exactly the memory was. Naturally I couldn't figure it out.

On a different note, I got SH1 on an emulator. I don't know why I didn't try this before hand.
I wanted to download FF9 because of Zatch opening up Sara's myspace over and over. When I was looking
at the emulators, a picture example for one was Silent Hill. I got excited and Jessica had to help me.
If she hadn't been on I wouldn't have figured it out and gotten mad. Stupid things want you to download
like 5 add ons before they will even run.
The sound skips pretty bad and its hard to controll. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Well .. I got the next eps. of Dragon Ball so I'm gonna watch that now.
Crab Ragoon tomorow and then work at 5.

Kendall, wish Anthy a happy birthday. Though I might text you to do that all the same. I just feel
like typing it here seeing how it is officaly his birthday as I type this.

It really is too warm today

Sitting on Zach's porch, and there is actually the smell of a dead animal buried somewhere in the floor boards of his house. Its really rather bad. But not enough to chase you away, just enough to wish that he would spray some more Frebreeze or find the damned thing and throw it away in three garbage bags. Zach is now going to search for the dead thing. It keep wafting in though the windows lazily. You forget its there for a while and then it decides to remind you of its clearly dead and rotting presents. He thinks it might be our bird book bird.

I finished reading Misery while Zatch used my laptop to check his myspace and /b/. God I forgot how much I loved his writing style. And I almost had to stop reading twice. When she cut off his foot and when she was ripping apart the cop. Then the end. I couldn't put the book down. It was hard to for when I was driving. Zach is trying to get me to read The Green Mile now. I think I will.

I beat pokemon. After you beat the 4 it opens up a new area where you fight a bunch of people. But no matter what it puts your lvl at 50 and you don't get any money or experience. Stupid.

6th eps. of Dragon Ball started downloading today. I need to leave for work in a half an hour. Didn't know so much time had passed. Wow.


So my class was cancled today. They sent out emails apperently but I didn't get one. Fuck that.

My toe hurts too.
And I still need a place to live. This sucks. Bah. Bah bah bah bah bah.

That be for me.

Zach is stupid

and annoying.

And thats the end.

So Zach looses

I don't talk like this retard.

Talking to SarahCollapse )

Talking to Jessica-PoopCollapse )

If you actually read that I'll bake you cookies.